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Zoaldex and getting pregnant

Hi I'm 25 years old and have had abnormal bleeding since the age of 15, I tried all sorts to help. But got no where. Last year I had 3 injections of the zoaldex. My last one was June last year. I got my 1st period back this year March 2015. It lasted 7 days and was normal but if not had another one since. I'm trying for a baby. How long do you think it will take to fall pregnant? Or for my periods to come back normal.

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Heya hun Im 22. I had 6 zoladex injections last year and was put on provera straight after as I wasn't ready to start ttc.

I think the provera helped bring back my periods tbh. I've read it can be used for that aswell as endo treatment. I've only been tracking them properly for about two months but so far they seem ok. We are now ttc so I've bought OPKs to and I am ovulating which I was surprised about. Im sorry I can't guess when yours will come back as I think everyone is different but I hope that that gives you hope. I'd say in 3-6 months go back to your gynea and tell them I'm sure they will help you 😘 baby dust to you 💨✨👶



Thank you for taking the time to reply. Means a lot even if I don't know you 😘


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