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Stupid question but where exactly are your ovaries (for example in relation to your belly button)? I was previously told my right ovary was enlarged because i had cysts on it when I had a scan due to prolonged bleeding. They weren't overly bothered but mentioned PCOS. Ladies who've had cysts, can you actually feel your ovary if its enlarged and where is it? I felt something a bit odd yesterday but I think its too high up. My husband said maybe a hernia but as its also on the right I was curious. Xx

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They sit above your groin and towards your hip. They are low down compared to belly button.


They are right low down just above the pubic bone towards the left and right. But if you PCOS this will make the ovaries larger then the average due to all the cysts so you might have felt something ovary related. I had a strange bulge in that area a few years ago and 2 GPs felt it both thinking I had a cyst or a fibroid but when I was scared there was nothing to be seen the bulge has never been felt again so it remains a mystery but then I think a woman's body full stop is a mystery.


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