Endometriosis UK


Hey all,

I'm new on here. I have been suffering with irregular periods, painful periods, pain during sex, cysts on my ovaries and a lot more for the past 3 years, however no doctors would listen to me and kept fobbing me off.

I ended up in A&E on April 1st and had a U/S done in which they saw a cyst the size of a golfball on my ovary, I was referred to gyno and saw him on Monday the 20th. He scanned again and the cyst had grown larger than a snooker ball, he also believed i had Endometriosis, I had a laparoscopy on Monday 27th in which he discovered I have Endometriosis Stage 2 on my bowel and uterus, a few cysts were removed, D&C performed and Mirena Coil inserted.

I am now on bed rest to recooperate and I am looking for websites in which I can discuss this all with people like me <3

<3 to you all



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