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Recently diagnosed

Hi I have recently been dignosed with endometreosis and adenomyosis. I am 48 into the menopause and have suffered with what I thought was irrirable bowel for the past 20 years. But wondering if all along I have had endometreosis. I have 3 children 26, 25 and 18 years and had to have a D&C after the last two. Could this trigger things? Looking at the symptoms, I have suffered with thrush and bowel problems for years among others. My Mum had a hysterectomy when I was five but sadly she never explained why, and ashamedly I never really asked. she died nearly five years ago.

My doctor suggested a coil or possible surgery but I said I want to leave alone while I can cope with the pain which she agreed to but has since written to me explaining a gynachologist has looked at my notes and wants me to have a second scan n 6 months, Has anyone had anything similar?


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I'm 22 and I was told I had ibs at 16. Now I know it was actually endometriosis. A hysterectomy is out of the question for me at the moment as I want children in the future. I've been on the pill and implant which didn't work and I'm starting my Gnrh treatment soon. There are many different treatments to choose from before jumping to hysterectomy. Hope this helps a little


Hi, I have also been diagnosed with both endo and adenomyosis, endo was removed but I still have all my symptoms so I'm now on list for hysterectomy, ive also got 3 children, im 39, so may have a while before menopause,

Did they remove any endo, and where was it found, mine was denied uterus and ligament,

What symptoms do you have, mine are to servere to do nothing, if I can get my pain to go away I'll do anything, I'm getting very down about how much my life has changed!

Any way good luck with your desissions



Hi my story sounds very similar to yours. In short I'm 47 , 3 grown up kids,had many years painful periods and bowel issues, had several coils but last year formally diagnosed with endo and adenomyosis and bowel implication but not yet in menopause. Have excellent consultant I decided on total hysterectomy which I had 8 weeks ago. Good job I did as told if I had left it I would have bowel obstruction in near future as endo caused so much damage. Had op laparoscopically but also need bowel resection which needed incision BUT I feel fab now and so pleased I went ahead with procedure. Hope you get sorted soonn


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