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Ache all over

Hi all, I am new to this, I was diagnosed with endometriosis years ago and still suffer.

I was on the implant which helped alot with pain symptoms but I was bleeding for 6weeks sometimes and I had to come off it due to other side effects.

I can't take the pill because I get migraines.

They recommended the coil but I am so scared because I can't even use tampons because it causes pain (I am inserting correctly) but does anyone have experience with the coil as a form of treatment?

Does any one else ache all over especially the days running up to period or could this be something else and do you find you struggle to stand for long periods of time without getting pain in the pelvic area?

Does anyone else think that people don't understand? I just get asked if I have taken pain killers but pain killers don't always stop the discomfort?

Thank you for reading x

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Hi lovely.

Sorry to hear that you are in pain. You sound very much like me I don't tolerate synthetic hormones well. I have had 2 coils which was a living nightmare caused me no end of symptoms, weight gain, acne, stomach pain, back pain migraines and a lot more and I am also the same with the contraceptive pill.

Yes the a hey pain and cramps start about a week before my period actually starts . I'm with you on the painkillers it's like people think it's a magic answer but it isn't.

I have made recent changed to my diet eating very healthy eating organic milk eggs and meat.

I am also taking supplements

Omega 3


Vitamin B complex


Women's multi vitamin

Evening primrose oil


And I feel that this is helping the pain the Dr suggested tumeric as this is a very good anti inflammatory as is omega 3.

So it may be worth trying some supplements

Hope this helps

Jo xx


Hi thank you so much, going to try the supplements and see if that helps :) xxx


You are welcome.

I hope that it helps you .xx


Hi - what is the situation/history with regard to treatment of your endo?


Hi thank you, had a laparoscopy, well 7 years ago now, confirmed i had endometriosis but I didn't have enough to later away. Had no symptoms while I was pregnant and then went straight onto the implant which helped with pain symptoms a tiny bit. Had to come off that due to depression getting worse. So I tried the pill which brought back migraines. They suggested the coil but it just terrifies me with the horror stories but with the pain this month I am starting to think it will be worth it.

I am meant to go back as I keep getting ovarian cysts and heavy periods which they have given me tranexamic acid for I just haven't been back for scan etc. I can't have time off work for another laparoscopy. Xxx


You don't say where your endo was but as it wasn't removed the chances are that it will have grown in such a long time. Have a look at my post on Pouch of Douglas endo and just be on the alert for those symptoms as you would have to have your endo sorted if you had it there. x


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