I'm not sure if it's the endometriosis or the coil making me gain so much weight or like the doctor has said its in my head:/ gaining weight is stressful and depressing and to be told by the gynaecologist to stop eating burgers and pizzas was a piss take. He do not know me personally and that's stuck in my head!!!! I was livid bcoz all I do is cook! I dnt fry my food and 90% is healthy the 10% can range from one in a while a take away or oven food. And before I had the coil my weight and body was fine but the pain my gosh, I'd rather give birth 10 times over........ I've tried dieting pills that's a no no and diets and still no change in the gym too!!!! I just dnt know what to do!! But this is effecting my life

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  • Is it possible you also have Hypothyroid

    it has a nasty habit of going hand in hand with endometriosis and things like coil do not help

  • I to am hypo...it does seem to go with the endometriosis territory...but it can be managed with the right dr. and the right meds...I am still on the thin side but put on 10 pounds and had NO energy...I was on armor thyroid..now I am on the Armour and levithyroxine and feeling so much better! Definitely worth getting checked!

  • My doctor said becoz I'm pain free he will not be removing it😖

  • I agree I have hypo + endo.

  • I've put on so much weight since being on the mirena coil, I totally understand :( I eat really healthily and exercise a lot and I totally blame the coil. I used to gain weight on the pill too but this is worse. My pains have got better though since having a lap and the coil inserted and my periods have stopped completely but I hate my body beign this big and not being able to do much about it!

  • Ask them to put you on provera tablets nothing else works for me. In three weeks I'm having a biopsy the same trust but a higher gyne us doing the biopsy. The lower gyne discharged me and lucky I didn't accept being fobbed off they help. Lot with period cramps but expensive drug. Hope you get it resolved. I refused the coil.

  • it's more likely the coil...endometriosis does cause bloating, but having dealt with it for 24 years...it never made me gain weight...the birth control pill did...which is what I am assuming the "coil" is? as I have never used one...but that is most likely the culprit if you are eating clean...exercising...not the endometriosis...also if my Dr. treated me like that I would find a new dr.! and since you have endometriosis you should be seen by an endometriosis excision specialist for that not a gyn...they spend 15 minutes in medical school on endometriosis...I would not choose to let my gp treat me if I had cancer...I would see an oncologist...please get to an endometriosis excision specialist and dump your dr!

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