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FTWW=Fair Treatment for the Women of Wales please join us @Facebook to get better Endo care

FTWW = Fair Treatment for the Women of Wales

As many of you ladies in Wales already know, the treatment (or lack of!) we are receiving for Endometriosis - and many other health conditions - is currently unacceptable. The discrepancies between the care we receive and what is available in England is totally unfair. We are also concerned by the difference(s) in how women's health conditions are perceived and treated by the health services compared to those of men, and feel that this is also an issue which needs highlighting.

Currently, we are a relatively new, small group - but we have a lot of knowledge and experience. We are able to talk openly about the treatment we have received, as well as share our experiences and offer advice, in the hope that this will enable more ladies living in Wales to access better treatment for Endo and any other health issues with which they - you - may be dealing.

Our aim is to bring about much needed change in the way(s) that women in Wales are treated by the health service so that it's fair and equal across the board - our motto is "We're not mad, we just want 'even'"!

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It would be fantastic if we could somehow get easier access to surgeons over the border. I wonder if that's something Endo UK would be willing to help with?


Hi MariBiscuits

Yes - that would be our short term aim for Endometriosis treatment. I really hope that Endometriosis UK can help us with that.

We understand the NHS is struggling but the current situation in Wales is unacceptable.

Ladies with Endo in England do have freedom and a lot of BSGE Endometriosis Centres to chose from.

If ladies living in Wales were allowed a referral to the consultant of their choice in England, this would be a perfectly acceptable solution in the short term. That would then give time for training and new facilities to be developed in Wales.




It is wrong that we are given incorrect treatement, no infomation and not told about endo or what cones with.

These ladies are working hard and fighting for us and helping me fight my case an women of south Wales.

Not once told about the endo specialist centre 27 miles away in my 12yrs diagnosis.

They will give info on correct treatment plans and who and where to go for help and treatment

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