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Consultant tomorrow and I'm scared

Having seen urology and colo-rectal I should be a dab hand at this. Only thing that is different this time is that I know there is a growth in my uterus (suspected adenoma) and I have a polycistic ovary. I think knowing there is something there that needs dealing with is throwing me off as it is so new. I am worried the cysts in my ovary are sinister as I am on the pill and I thought that was meant to stop it happening. Totally unable to concentrate and work and needed to vent!

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From my understanding they can have similar sypmtoms but as with induced menapause and natural menapause every one reacts differently to both I have 2 friends going through the natural menapause and both feel very different I am currently on zoladex with an induced menapause and some time s it's awful with hot sweats and then nothing for ages .Sorry for ramble but I don't think it's an exact science .


Sorry seemed to have replied to wrong post !!!ignore the below post from me .

While I'm here I'm sorry for your worry I have been in a similar situation mine was fine as I'm sure yours will,be as well but still doesn't taj the worry away .try and have a relaxed evening and think of some of the questions you want to ask the gaeni

All the very best to you


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