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Hi all hope your all doing well,

I have been diagnosed with adenomyosis after a lap 3 weeks ago apparently it's server and I'm going to need a hysterectomy, going back tues for follow up

But my question is, does any one suffer with leg pain, constant ache and tingly pain up and down mainly on the inside of thigh,??

Also I'm feeling more snd more sick everyday, is this the adeno, or the endo, or still recovering from lap?

Please someone give me some advise, I'm really struggling to cope with it all.

Tears come and go, sometimes for nothing,


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Hi Hun

I had my surgery 5weeks ago and still struggling. I have other health problems but recognise the symptoms you describe. It's sounds like a sciatic like pain. I would say that I have been getting sports massage for some time now, which as well as the strong painkillers has been very beneficial in getting some releif and explanation for the pain. My si joint is quite unstable and my ligaments are not the best after yrs of endo many of it undiagnosed. I have found been told that if your pelvis is out of alignment then this cause all sorts of problems with nerves being trapped etc.

I would say that when you have recovered more form your lap and your doc has cleared you think about it going to a sports massage/physio with an interest in pelvic pain.

I'm going on Monday for intensive treatment to a clinic to hopefully get some dry needling on my trigger points round my pelvis which I'm hoping will be beneficial in releasing nerves and turning down the pain.

I'm also on small dose of gabapentin .

Hope this is too rambling and is of help to you xxxx


Thank you for your reply, I'm in peices today, just feel so crap arrgggg.


Hi, I'm 3 weeks post op from major excision surgery for Endo and a hysterectomy (uterus and cervix removed only) for Adeno.

Prior to this everyday I had similar sciatic pain to what you described and nausea.

Yes Adeno can cause these symptoms. Since surgery the sciatic pain has gone. The nausea has continued but unfortunately I had some complications post surgery which has caused this and I'm now on heavy duty antibiotics which also cause nausea so hope this will improve once the infection has cleared and I'm off the antibiotics!

Although a hysterectomy is a big decision so far I don't regret it as the sciatic pain was so tiring and debilitating. However if you go down this route please consider keeping your ovaries due to the health benefits.

Hysterectomy cures Adeno but is not a cure for endo.

Best wishes x


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