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Could quiet happily rip my own womb out!

Sorry for the graphic title, I am just at my wits end with the pain. I had my second lap 2 weeks ago yet the pain is back already, as is the swelling and the lack of sleep.

I had the coil fitted however it's appears to have done naff all.

Can someone please tell me to have patience and that it will settle soon?

I've just had enough!

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God I no the feeling, I'm 3 weeks post lap, and feel worse now than before, I have been diagnosed with severe adenomyosis aswell as endo, and my surgeon said straight after lap he wasn't sure how much relief I'd get, he believes it's the adeno that's causing my pain, due to go back tues, he mentioned an hysterectomy so hoping he will book me in for one

I feel like doing what your title says too

Good luck, hopefully you will get some relief soon, it is early days remember, where did he remove your find from, mine was behind uterus and ligament,



Im in the same position as you, had the coil fitted. I'm 2 weeks post-lap and struggling with a lot of pain still. I'm feeling really upset with myself xxx


I had my lap last October and a coil fitted. I remember feeling in more pain for about a month after. We expect to much from our bodies to quickly it's still early days. The coil gave me lots of pain for about 2 months and now it's settled down I am not in as much pain as I was. Still get the odd day but nothing like I was getting so don't give up hope yet. I was very surprised how much pain I was in and for how long. Hope it settles down soon for you. ☺


Hiya, I had my lap in December and the coil fitted- I eventually had it taken out last week. The pain I am sure was from

The coil as the same day that it was taken out I was in muh less pain than before my first lap! Glad to be rid!! Saying that, I know ther people who have the coil and that it does settle down after time. It just depends on the person. Good luck x


I've had huge success with my coils for 10 years. The first one I got it took a few months to calm, and I know it does occasionally cause me the odd kick of pain, but the trade off without it makes it so worth it to me. My cycles are nearly cramp-free and I hardly bleed, if at all. Hang in there, I know it's hard to wait, but hang in there and give everything the time it needs.

Sending you strength and love xx


Hi, 2 weeks post lap isn't long at all so try and give it more time. I had my lap and a coil fitted in November and the first few weeks after were terrible with pain and my first period after was probably one of the most painful I had I was so scared it would be like that forever. To be honest the first 2-3 months with me weren't the best pain wise but my periods completely stopped and my GP told me to just give it more time, now the last 5 weeks have been totally pain free so I'm hoping that I will have success with this from now on :) Like moxyfilms said, if you can bear to wait just give it some more time and I really hope it settles down for you xx


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