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So scared

Hi first time posting on here I've been having brown discharge and pain in pelvic area been to docs had bloods done which came back no NFA also was examined and swabbed the doc said my womb was inflammed and it bleed when she swabbed it so has referred me to gyno at hospital I'm so scared there is something really wrong so worried has anyone had this please tell me I'm not the only one.

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Hi - have a look at my post on endo to see if you identify with the symptoms and how to find a specialist x


First thing is to say that you definitely are not the only one. I usually bleed a bit when they take swabs. Each time, I've been referred to a gynae clinic at the hospital, only to find repeat tests come back fine. I'm sure lots of the ladies on here will say that they have had a similar moment of worry.

Secondly, your doctor, as brilliantly skilled as GPs are, is not a gynae expert and so referring you to someone who is a specialist, who can investigate further and get answers for you is actually a really good thing. The gynae team will be able to look closely at your problems and advise treatment if needed.

So even though it may seem scary, it's actually a good thing that you were brave and saw your doctor.

Have you got anyone that you can talk to? It might be worth confiding in someone, a family member or a good friend? I always find it helps to talk it through with someone close.

Best of luck x


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