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Hello Everybody. I am new to this site. I had a lap done ten days ago and am still tender. This normal?? If I try to doing anything standing, like the dishes, I feel a pull on my stomach and it feels more comfortable to hold my stomach (I am still really bloated). I am just a bit confused; the way the information was presented, I thought I would be much better. The doctor said after to go home and rest but the next day get up and be active and not to drive for 48 hours; giving the impression that after a couple of days, all would be good. How long does it usually take to recover?

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Hi I had a laparoscopy done last year I thought it would only take a few days to recover but after 10 days I was still swollen & tender!! I was the same if moving about I was holding my abdominal as if I was protecting it!! I had dissolvable stitches to my wounds that were oozing very slightly so I went to see the nurse & because I was still so tender & feeling abit rotten!!! My stitches weren't dissolving properly so she cut the tops of them & redressed the wounds!! I went back to have them checked a few days later & I was feeling a lot better & less tender I was able to move about abit more without holding my stomach!!! So it prob took me 2 weeks to start feeling better I didn't think it would take that long!!! Each persons experience may be different & everyone has different healing/ recovery times!! But if you are concerned it's worth popping to see your GP or practice nurse for a check up & they will ease any worries you have!!!

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Thank you Cat...it is good to hear that this is all normal!!!


Hi, I felt similarly after mine, my gp told me that you can still be healing on the inside untill atleast 6 weeks after the op. so keep resting and dont push yourself too hard. I found I was able to go out and do things about a week or so after but still had a lot of pain


Hi darling, you have to remember that just because its key hole, they have still completed the same work inside that they would have, did they remove any endo whilst in there, ?

I'm 13 days post lap and I'm still in pain, although I was diagnosed with adenomyosis so can't besure what osin is still coming from the op,

But 2 weeks is the avarage time to recover so are quicker some are longer, just rest as much as you can and only do very little at a time,

Good luck


For me, everything started to improve when I got my stitches out. It was supposed to be a dissolving stitch but my surgeon had advised me to make an appointment with my nurse a week later to get them out because they weren't great at dissolving, he was right! It made such a difference. The one in my belly button hurt to come out but the next day it was better, less red, less swollen and didn't smell as bad. If your stitch is still in, go and get it out regardless of it being dissolving!



I too thought the recovery would only be a few days but it was at least 4 weeks before I could move 'comfortably'. I'd echo what others say and don't try to push yourself too much, and take all the time you need to recover properly.

It sounds a bit silly but when my stomach felt really tender I found holding a soft pillow to my stomach when moving really helped.

Good luck



Hiya :-)

I had a laparoscopy last year, and I was very sore for a long time. They told me they had done a very thorough investigation , so that's why I was so exhausted. Overall, it took me about 4 weeks to feel normal and get back to my normal activities like work, driving etc. but I suppose every one is different! Hope you feel better soon, and don't over do it your body needs time to heal. Take care xx


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