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Endo symptoms?

Hey everyone, I am 21, not yet diagnosed with endo (waiting to get a lap) and, although I am quite certain that I do have it, I keep having moments of doubt that I do not have it and after all the palaver I have put my doctors/partner through it will turn out that there is no endo! If anyone who has been diagnosed with endo shares my symptoms I would love to know, if only to put my mind at ease that they most likely are endo symptoms. For the last few years I have had:

- Increasingly bad period pain that has left me unable to move, throwing up/fainting with pain. Also extremely heavy periods, blood clots etc.

- Extreme fatigue on the first few days of my period. Walking feels like there are weights attached to my limbs

-Recently I have been constipated since coming off continuous birth control pills. Now that I am off them, when I attempt/have a bowel movement I experience pain around the front of my pelvis, what feels like my ovaries. This pain is multiplied when I am on my period.

- In the last year, I have a new painful symptom that seems to be related to my bowel/pouch of douglas? Sometimes I cannot sit down because of the pain, it is like being kicked up the bottom really hard. It happens spontaneously and locks me in pain so that I cannot move for a few seconds.

However, I do not, yet, experience pain other than the cyclical pain that comes with my period (other than the bowel movements.) My main concern is that if left untreated my endo will get worse and I will experience debilitating pain even when not on my period. I am about to start taking a new pill, Yasmin, continuously but worry about the effects of this since Marvelon left me a depressed wreck after taking it continuously for a few months. Anyone had any success with this?


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Yes, I'd say I've had most of those symptoms at one time or another. I also started out with symptoms and pains which were directly linked to my periods. Then about 3 years ago I started to experience problems outside my periods - this got more common as time went on until I started writing them in my diary and noticed a cyclical pattern. Its taken a long time to get a diagnostic laparoscopy, as my GP and consultants kept trying to tell me I was fine. So, like you, I started to doubt myself. Even if you have a lap and no endo shows up, at least it can be ruled out while you try to find out what the problem is. The symptoms you have are not 'normal', so there has to be an underlying cause - keep believing yourself and don't worry about putting anyone else through some inconvenience - you're the one having the pains and other problems, not them!


Hi I was diagnosed with endometriosis just last year!! I was having left lower abdo pain which radiated into my groin & leg at first I was told it was muscular as it didn't seem cyclical but then it would get worse before & during my period then again when I was ovulating I had different tests done before getting a laparoscopy which confirmed that I had endo!!! It's best to have the procedure & have answers so that you can get the right treatment for your symptoms!!! It's always better to have an answer than to be always suffering or wondering what is wrong!!!


Thank you for the lovely replies :) Put my mind at ease somewhat!


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