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Mirena coil

Hi it's been over a week now since had my coil fitted and I must say I'm in a lot of pain. Went to my gp yesterday because noticed a lot of blood in my urine and awful pain when passing in my stomach. She said I've got infection and give me antibiotics. Why I was there she suggested checking to see if strings was there and all in correct place. I said I tried check myself has I was told how to but wasn't able has felt very swollen in that area. She also had great difficulty and tried twice to locate it but with no luck she said couldn't see my cervix at all because of swelling and inflammation and is referring me for scan which was told can take aleast 2 weeks. At the time my coil fitted my consultant said I had inflammation of cervix and prescribed me a 3 month of one a day antibiotics. I feel a complete mess at moment and don't know how worried I should be. Was wondering if anyone had same or similar issues. Sorry went on abit haha xx

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