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Bowel endo,

Hi all, just need abit off info, I'm starting to think that I have a problem with my bowel, ive always had pain up bum for a while but it's getting worse and by poo just dosnt want to come out, like I can't strain, it's not hard stoles when I do go, even passing wind is some what hard work, I actually feel like I need to consent rate, as strange as that sounds and again it's like I can't muster up the Umth to push it through,

Sorry for such a graphic post, but I need to no if any one else has this, and has been diagnosed with bowel ENdo, ive just had a lap and endo was removed behind uterus snd ligament and have been diagnosed with adenomyosis

Any info would be great,

Thanks xxx

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I have similar bowel issues and have adenomyosis and retroverted uterus. On MRI you can see the uterus is compressing the bowel. I think that in my case when inflammation sets in my bowel gets inflamed too. When I do go it's usually very voluminous, frequent loose and crampy and makes me feel unwell (sometimes diarhhea).

Ive tried to pin it down as cyclical but the bad days are very random though usually after menstruation. I think it's because that's when the inflammation from my uterus starts its knock-on effect on the bowel.

I've not had my'theory' confirmed and have had all kinds of tests for bowel probs and all are clear. But adeno is know to cause bowel issues!

Hope this helps to make a little more sense of these wretched symptoms


Hi, I've just been diagnosed with endo been excised from behind uterus and ligament and advanced ADENOMYOSIS, only 10 days post op, I was thinking that, but also keep coming up against bowel endo, so who bloody nows,

I'm due to see surgeon for follow up, and his mentioned hysterectomy, what do you do about adeno?



Sorry I also have tilted uterus is that same as retroverted?


Yes it is, but on the bowel front are you taking anything for it like Lactulose? It's marvellous and goes straight through your system so is really safe. They will have had your intestines virtually out and your bowel with have been pulled around and is probably still inactive after all that. It really can take some time to work again. And you mustn't push. You must do the exact opposite. When you are on the loo lean forward to curve your back as much as possible or have a low stool in front to put your feet on to create the same curved back - that will open up the bowel. Then let everything relax completely and just sit for as long as it takes. Even now for me it's often a hand job to get things going if you know what I mean!


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