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Back pain and endo

Hi all just looking for a bit of advice really,before my endo was diagnosed I went to the doctors for a good few years complaining of pains in my side and in my lower back,anyway the doctor just put it down to thoracic pain .Eventually I felt so bad I could not wee without it feeling like I was having a contraction so they scanned me and found endo in my womb wall and it was so severe it had gone through to my bladder so I had total hysterectomy and part of my bladder removed in 2012.Last year I had an accident and damaged my back the chiropractor say I have sacroiliac joint irritation traumatic l5 facet whiplash and soft tissue injuries to my leg and foot.I Had to go for a medical for insurance and the man doing the medical wrote his report and put that he thought the injuries I received have aggrevated a pre existing condition,because I had gone back and forth to the doctors for so long before I was diagnosed with endo.I explained in the medical that my doctor has told me that this back pain is totally different to any of the pain I complained about before and I also explained about the hysterectomy,but he has still put this.I have wrote to the insurance and toldthem I disagree with this but I am ot sure what happens now,my doctor has since left so I can not get him to write to them.

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