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Hi Ladies,

I'm so confused. I'm 17 and have been on Zoladex for 5 months now, last injection is tomorrow. The doctors haven't given me an official diagnosis because my last laparoscopy (last year) was pretty much clear but because there is really strong family history of it they decided to start me on the treatment anyway. The pain in my stomach has practically gone but I still get really bad back ache and I think my boyfriend is fed up of me complaining about it even though he's really supportive. Anyhow, I don't know what's going to happen in the future and I hate that. I'm wondering whether I should try and get another laparoscopy done just to see how things are because something inside of me keeps saying I need to start trying for a child now as if I have endo on my reproductive system. And I know everyone says to trust your gut instinct and your body because they're always right.

Any advice on any part of the post would be much appreciated. In absolute agony with back ache today to the point of feeling sick and it feels like it's going down my right leg :( This is just absolutely killing me.

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Hi Whitney

Thank you for your message. It is very unusual to be given Zoladex as the first treatment especially when no endo was found. Birth control pills are more usual as the first step as you can take them for a long time and they can be effective in very mild endo - if you have it. The thing that raises suspicion is the back pain that hasn't been resolved by the medication. This could suggest that you have endo behind the uterus (that is often missed if you were dealt with by a general gynae/obstetrician) that is more established. Zoladex is typically much less effective for endo there. The pain going down your leg sound like sciatica which is often associated with endo there. You do sound a lot like I was when I started with endo at 30 after coming off the pill as my only symptom, other that period problems, was back pain. I turned out I would have only had it in a hidden place called the Pouch of Douglas behind the uterus that is so often missed.

But it could also suggest that you don't have it. Have you had other possible causes of back pain ruled out?

Before you had Zoladex was your back pain worse at the time of your period to make you think it was related to your cycles? What were your periods like? Click on my username and have a look at my post on endo and its symptoms to see if you fit the 'picture'.

Don't worry about being able you have children yet. You are very young and if your uterus, ovaries and tubes were affected the gynae should have spotted that. Send me his/her name and the hospital by private message so we can check them out. I think it is likely that you will want another lap if your symptoms continue and it will be important that you are seen by a specialist who will have a good look behind you uterus. How long are your cycles?

We can consider it all again later x

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Hi thanks for replying.

I had an ultrasound done and they did find fluid in the Pouch of Douglas. I actually have the pictures from my laparoscopy and it looked like there was a little cyst but i had to point that out to him!

I’ve had laparoscopy, MRI, ultrasound, blood tests, stool tests and many examinations, they haven’t found anything on them apart from the fluid in PoD, a little bit of tissue connecting my bowel to uterus and that cyst.

Yes it was much worse and the pain in my stomach was AWFUL! Period wise was almost constantly bleeding for 2 years fluctuating in heaviness. Mostly heavy. Had the brown, thick sort of discharge/blood. I was originally on Combined pill, then Implant then bleeding got worse, eventually went onto POP and the bleeding stopped completely.

Looked at your post, yes definitely fit into it. I’ll send you the details and I can also send you the Lap pictures.

Whitney x


OH MY LORD. WHY is a 17 year old on whom they've not diagnosed ANYTHING on Zolodex?!

Whitney, I am so sorry. You're in good hands here with Linda!



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