Endo fatigue


Just found this website from on the fb page and it explains so much!

To start with I thought I was aneamic but when that was ruled out I thought I was just plain lazy but now I've found this.

My bf Is saying that I show a lot of these symptoms especially the endometriosis frown which I never noticed and the random headaches that I sometimes get now have a reason aswell.

I think there's so little on this illness that anything I find seems like such a blessing to finally know that that symptom isn't just in my head there is a reason why :)

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  • Hi - have a read of my post on endo and its many symptoms to make more sense of the fatigue.

  • Hi, I can't seem to find it :/

  • Hi - click on my user name and it's my first post x

  • Thank you :) x

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