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Fertility challenges


I'm new to the forum, I've been undergoing investigations for low ovarian reserve. We attempted IVF but this failed without stimulating the eggs, obviously we were disappointed.

I have since found out following a laparoscopy last week that I have endometriosis, although I've never had any signs of this and has never been discussed.

They have removed the endometriosis from my ovaries and the cysts.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm trying to understand if this is the driver behind the low ovarian count?? I'm 35 and have been going through IVF and investigations for the past 12 months.

Thank you

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I found out I have endometriosis in 2010, but this was after various symptoms and years of annoying the gp!

Sometimes people get pregnant after having it removed, but it didn't work for us after my second laparoscopy in 2013.

When we were referred for ivf, the clinic did an AMH test. That is when we found out mine was low for my age (35 at the time) and the consultant said its what he would expect to see from endo and surgeries....but at the same time ivf almost bypasses the endo.

It might be worth asking for your AMH to be checked following the surgery just to see?

Have you got another attempt at ivf?

Give your body time to recover from the op...

Good luck x


Hello. I went through ivf three times over the age of 35 and have stage 4 endo. My egg reserve count was good for my age so whether endo affects this I doubt it other wise my egg count would have been affected as I have had endo for over 20 years.

I wish you all the best as fertility treatment can be hard especially when dealing with your diagnosis too. I did conceive with my third attempt and now gave a beautiful baby girl xxx


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