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Something new or is it back with a vengeance?

Hi all, I had a lap 4 years ago as I had been having left-sided pain and painful periods, they found cysts and some endo, they did what they could and for the last 4 years I have been relatively ok, just the normal endo niggles throughout the month, all familiar and manageable. Then BAM at the end of my last period 2 weeks ago I had a terrible pain, left side, took pain killers and it went off, then a couple of days later the pain started in my left side, dragging and like period pains and pretty constant, I am now mid-month which always gives me pain for a day or two and no sign of the pain easing, I have docs on Monday. To cut a long story short does this sound familiar to anyone, could it be a large cyst, a ruptured cyst, more endo?? Any insight would be appreciated.

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I don't really have any information, just like to say good luck xx



I'm so sorry to hear you are in constant pain like that - it's so draining! I thought I'd drop you a quick post back, as I had a terrible time all over Christmas, that started off a bit like that - a terrible pain (I had to leave work, I couldn't even sit up at my desk!) which eased off a bit, and then came back with a vengeance! I've still got twinges and aches even now. I had an appointment with the endo specialist at the hospital (I'm due to go in for my second lap) and asked what he thought it could be - I have an endometrial cyst on my left ovary, and sometimes they slowly leak all that gross old blood that builds up inside, and this leaking can be the cause of the constant pain. The really sharp pain can be when they burst. Nice. He didn't seem to think there was much they could do, they are going to remove the cyst when I go in for my op, but he said that your body just has to reabsorb all the nasty leaked stuff, which it will do as there is no where else for it to go!

Ibuprofen has helped keep the pain at bay a bit now that it has died down - I made sure that I took a course of it, every 4-5 hours to stop the inflammation getting out of control again and that seemed to help.

Good luck at the doctors - I hope they can shed some light for you, and that the pain eases off soon,



Thank you for your reply, it sounds very similar and what I suspected.xxx


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