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Swelling - help!

After my last period I had an uncomfortable feeling in my vagina but didn’t think much of it as I’ve just finished a round of fertility treatment (which didn’t work) and have been having lots of strange and unfamiliar pains. After five days I thought it must be thrush and when I went to put some cream on discovered a swelling just inside my vagina on the front near my urethra. I saw the doctor who gave me antibiotics as she thinks it is a cyst and told me to come back if it doesn’t go away. After four days of antibiotics I can’t really tell if it’s going down or not but sex is now quite painful. There’s not been any bleeding. Despite having endo for about five years I’ve never had painful sex as a symptom.

Is this familiar to any other endo sufferers? It doesn’t feel like a cyst on the surface it’s like there is something inside me pushing into my vagina. Bit puzzled and worried.

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Search for Bartholin cysts to see if that relates to you? I have had it twice, totally unrelated to endo as far as I know. I could not have sex at all and it hurt to walk. Both times the only solution were hot baths and applying a hot flannel with pressure to the area. The cyst then burst, urgh but immediate relief. Good luck. X

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