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New here and wondered if others had similar symptoms?


I'm new here and to be honest, I don't yet know if I have endometriosis, but while I'm waiting to find out I really just need to talk. I'm 18 and my periods have gradually been getting worse since I was 14.

It started out fine, I didn't even know what cramping was!!! Then I started feeling sick, the cramps got worse. It turned into pain, the pain got really, really bad. I could hardly walk, couldn't even go to the toilet and had to wait until the pain lessened to be able to go, sitting down was excruciating. Sometimes I'd gasp out and double up in front of my family which was awkward. Every single morning (not just periods) I wake up in pain or very sick because I need to go.

I thought that this was all normal!

In October last year I started feeling full way too quickly after eating. The feeling of fullness, like bloating, increased until I couldn't eat much at all. If I ate more then a couple of bites I'd get really bad chest pain. I still feel full all the time and I get chest pain but it is not quite so bad. It definitely gets worse with my period. Sometimes I'll be rushing around doing things and suddenly pain shoots right through me and I stop, shocked, and slow down. I'm on the contraception pill at the moment which has helped a lot, but I still feel really sick all the time. It gets worse if I'm walking up a hill or with the motion in a car or on a bus and even when I'm lying down at night. The doctors have pocked and prodded my stomach several times and last week it was definitely worse. Once, quite a while ago, I got my mum to rush me to the doctor convinced that I had appendicitis! But it was just ovary pain.

Does anyone else experience fullness, chest pain and stomach irritation with this???

After having had tests, scans and numerous visits to the doctor- we finally have been put on a waiting list to see the specialist for endometriosis. It took a bit of time to convince the doctor that it might be endo.

I'm not jumping to conclusions, but nobody has given me any ideas as to what else it might be and if it is endometriosis then it would explain so much.

The waiting, I guess, is the worst part. Because I have no idea whether I'm right or wrong. I'm really tired because I can't get to sleep for feeling sick and the sickness (and cramping) wakes me up really early every morning. I do correspondence school so its not a huge problem, but it is still hard to concentrate.

I suppose there must be other possibilities as to what it "might be" but at the moment, I can't find any. Either I'm "in denial" Or I'm "jumping to conclusions" which one, I can't tell! ;-D

So does anyone else just feel really sick all the time with endo, or is it something else???

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I hope that I explained that okay!?


Hi, sorry you are suffering and at such a young age,

I'm 39 and I'm waiting for a laparoscopy 11 days, to see if I have endo or adenomyosis, which is like endo but the tissue grows into the muscle/wall of the womb,

My periods are painfull, but tbh could easily deal with that as it only lasts a day of full pain, but I now at the stage where I'm in daily pain in my pelvis hips back growing and legs, I do feel sick to a point most days some very mild and other like I can't bear to set,

There are lots of variations to endo with regards to symptoms, mine do tent to get worse if I have a busy day or am very active,

glad your on the right road to see a gyne doc, at least you have that,

Good luck xxx


Hi - please have a look at my post on endo to see which symptoms you relate to. Endo is an immune system disease involving an allergic reaction that is not yet understood, but nausea is common along with many other non-pelvic symptoms.

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Thank you Tboag and Lindle !

I've done a lot of research and seem to have a lot of the symptoms of endo. Anyway, I'll keep you posted on how it goes and what they find out.


I don't match your symptoms although funnily enough I have history of stomach problems and was diagnosed with IBS a couple of years ago, doctors never understood what was going on with me and a couple years on I am waiting for a laparoscopy to diagnose endometriosis so I have no idea if the two problems could be linked?. Although my stomach has settled down, my main complaint is pelvic and back pain now.

I also get that shock shooting pain that goes straight through me, starts from the bottom of my back xx


You're probably less chemically sensitive but apart from 'in the head' IBS is probably the most common misdiagnosis for endo.

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