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No other symptoms

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Hi all.

I am reading your comments on here and everyone says they have horrible pains, cramps and other things to. I don't have any of thoes. I do get bad gas but hardly pain or any other endo symptoms. The only thing I have is bleeding from my bowel with every period. I have seen gp. She thought it was i had heavy periods and when I lay down it pooled to the back. She had referred me to get an ultrasound and see a gynaecologist. This was around a month ago and I am waiting for an appointment. I only lay down to sleep for around five hours a night But the bleeding follows the same cycle as period. Am I wrong to be thinking I don't have this as I don't have any of the other symptoms?

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Hiya, this may or may not be helpful but I've just been diagnosed with endometriosis after being told I definitely don't have it for the past three years - I don't have 'typical' endo symptoms, just keep forming large ovarian cysts that need surgery to remove. It's not the same as yours but all I can say is keep advocating for yourself! If this isn't normal for you then trust that instinct and hopefully when you get to see a gynecologist they can shed more light on it.

It's hard when endo is still so under-researched, and you may end up finding that you have something completely different, but in my experience symptoms can present in a way that isn't typical. Fingers crossed you get answers soon!

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Thank you. Im glad you finally have a diagnosis.

Endo is a really weird condition, pain is different from person to person so the pain you feel is not actually relative to the severity of the endometriosis. Some people may not have any pain at all! Have you read Endometriosis UK? They have some fab information on there and it really helped me make sense of my symptoms. Xx

I have. I keep reading trying to see what other symptoms I could have to give me a definative diagnosis. I just want to feel confident

The only thing that will give that definitive diagnosis is a lap love, anything else is just suspected really, though they can be more confident with some cases because there's been things found on scans. Can I ask, are you on any form of contraception? That can mask things a bit sometimes. From your post it sounds like you don't have bad period pain, or is it just no pain between periods? Sorry for the questions it's just so I can understand your situation a bit better xxx

No contraception. No have no pain period through out my period or any other time

That is very strange! Have you tried using a tampon or menstrual cup during your period to make sure there's no chance of contamination? Then you'll be sealing off your cervix and there is no risk of any blood dripping anywhere. I had to do it last month, I found the cup painful but I have pain down there anyway. But I could use it for long enough to show that blood came from my urine not contamination xxx

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CryBaby91 in reply to CryBaby91

Also, have they ruled out things like Chrons? Xxx

Never tried this. The last few times I have used tampons haven't gone well. Once I got one stuck and had to go to A and E

Might be worth trying the small menstrual cup, that's much easier to use and remove. It will totally seal up your cervix so any blood you see would be easy to identify then. Even if you only use it that one day until you have a BM then take it out and go back to your usual products, that's what I've done xxx

Hi Rizzoli

I am in a similar situation. I have one clear symptom which is monthly umbilical bleeding at the same time as my period. The only other symptom is infertility but I wouldn't have known that if I hadn't been trying for a baby if you know what I mean! The umbilical bleeding makes me 95% certain I've got endo as it is the only real explanation but wouldn't know otherwise as I don't have any of the other classic symptoms like bad pain, pain with sex etc. I'm on the waiting list for a lap to confirm and investigate the fertility aspect. So I would say it is definitely worth pushing with investigations.

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Rizzoli1221 in reply to RedA28

I am going to. My aunt has told me it isn't right and it needs to be sorted. I am just going to have to wait for the hospital appointments and then go from there.

I have 2 children, no pain during or after sex. I keep sitting thinking do I have this or this and I don't. I know self diagnosis is wrong but I just want to know what it is

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RedA28 in reply to Rizzoli1221

It's very frustrating when you just want to know! Hope you don't have to wait too long for an appointment.

I believe you have to insist. Maybe first convince yourself your blood is coming from the colon. I was sure, as said here I put on a tampon just to check. You might also recognize 2 colors of blood, or just too far in the back of the towel during the day. Figure out a way...don't leave it. Even being 100% sure gp wouldn't believe me!!!! That is why is important to be sure to be able to push them. Unfortunately you cannot trust a judgment like this. Colon bleeding can be serious. In my case I managed to get a colonoscopy and it was diverticulosis. Not common in young people (41) but important to know and I was right, you are right as well when you feel something is not right so advocate for yourself!

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