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Endo and constipation

I have recently gone wheat dairy and gluten free I am still having lots of fruit and veg and high fibre but am so constipated to the point it has put a small tear in my bum...sorry for being graphic. It is like going to toilet through knives and inside is sore....I think my endo is back as I have sharp pelvic pain on one side also....I am waiting for my gynae app to come through...has anyone else experienced this and got any advice as to how to get it sorted?

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Hi Vicky

I have just had a quick look through your posts and note you had 3 laps up to 2012 and have tried the pill a couple of times but it didn't agree with you and you have pains since coming off it. This is all so typical of endo as are your symptoms. Have a look at my post on endo and its symptoms. It sounds very likely that your bowel might have got stuck, perhaps to your pelvic wall. This would cause a build up of hard stools as they can't move along as they should and it can be agony getting it all past the point that is fixed. This can then mean that when you do eventually get them out they can be very big and dry and stretch your anus to the point that it rips. This is called a fissure and will cause bright red blood. I used to wear a latex glove to get my poo out - there was no other way. Leg pain is also common if the sciatic nerve is involved as is buttock pain.

An increase in symptoms after stopping the pill is so typical because you will be experiencing the high levels of oestrogen that are held down with the pill and this will activate endo.

Since you have had so many laps you sound to have been treated by general gynaecologists who have not done a thorough job each time. It is now really important that you are seen by a specialist in endo and not another general gynaecologist. Have a look at my post on how to locate an expert; your GP has to refer you as you already have endo.


Thank you, I found your symptoms post really useful...my 3rd lap was by a endo specialist and he said the first two weren't done properly. The pill I was on was dianette and was told not to stay on it but consultant used to say it was fine after 2yrs I thought I would take a break as wanted to feel normal again...big mistake as pain and symptoms ever since....luckily seeing endo consultant in 3 weeks so hoping 18mths of pain and I may get answer x


Hi sorry to hear what you're going through. I've had problems with constipation for years and have a similar diet to yours. The thing I've found helps the most is daily multi vitamins and a high strength vitamin C supplement too. This seems to help keep everything moving! Lindle's post below id full of good advice too. I hope you manage to get it sorted soon. Good luck! xx


Thank you x


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