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Private vs NHS

I was diagnosed age 22 with severe endo 6yrs ago during a laperoscopy to remove cysts (but I have previously posted about that).

I am posting again because the last 6 months have been hell. Feeling exhausted, in pain, nauseous, feverish and dizzy. I took myself privately for an ultrasound and they spent 20mins using normal ultrasound and 3D to properly examine my ovaries/cysts and uterus.

I got refered for another scan by doctors (after endless visits) and was disgusted by the NHS treatment. As soon as the sonographer heard it was to look for a cyst she switched off, she was rough, rude and the whole "examination" lasted 2minutes. I wasnt asking for 20minutes but long enough that she could actually confirm what she thought she had seen. The report proved her incompetence as it stated I had all sorts including a genetic deformity of my uterus......doesnt actually exist.

I finally gave up with my NHS GP and booked a private endo specialist (I am not super rich, I am a student so this wasnt the easiest decision financially). I saw him once, he saw my history (same copy the GP had) and I am now booked in for a laperoscopy/hysteroscopy/cystoscopy and colonoscopy in a weeks time.

Just shows how little this condition is understood by NHS GPs.

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that's good news, and what a shame that these nhs proffesionals can get away with what is happening on a daily basis,

maybe we all need to start putting in more and more complaint until someone recocnises the problems out there,

good luch and fingers crossed it all goes well

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Hi - have a look at my post about endo as it might help explain the reasons for your other symptoms such as exhaustion, nausea and dizziness that are largely unrecognised. x


Hi, I feel the same for the last 3 years attending GP appointments, had scans, ultra sound, 6 months off work. To be told IBS which I clearly knew my diet and the pain I was suffering wasn't IBS. I gave up resigned myself to the fact I'll just have to live with it. At times the pain was bearable then times it wasn't. Went on cruise with my partner. As it was just the both of us and a lazy holiday, this was when he realised how the pain was actually affecting me and how much pain I was in. We got home booked an appointment for a private consultation which we were paying for. The consultant was great and he's getting me referred for a lap. I can honestly say I was let down by the NHS and wished I'd went private sooner. Considering majority private consultants are also working for the NHS baffles me on the way you are treated.


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