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I had a diagnostic laproscomy last July, during which they told me the pain I was getting the severe painfrom the left damaged fallopian tube which they removed along with my left healthy ovary as the tube had contorted and twisted around it. Asfter of 6-8 weeks the pain had come back. My GP admitted me last week due to the pain I'm in. Got the shock of my life during a scan whilst being at the hospital my right side was missing and now they are saying I don't need treatment as it's not gynaecological. Took me 4 years to get gynae to do something and they mess up, all my insides had stuck totogether with adhesions. How can you get the wrong one in my opinion. The pain is in the same place

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Hi Dilly, am I right in understanding that you were told that your left tube and ovaries were damaged and therefore removed during surgery last year and now you've been informed that the right tube and ovary were in fact removed accidentally and the left tube and ovary are still insitu and causing you problems? If so, that is a serious error and one that needs to be explained explicitly as it cannot be rectified. I can't even imagine how you are feeling.

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