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Adenomyosis and Zoladex - anyone had a positive experience?

Hi everyone

I'm interested to hear about anyone's experiences on Zoladex for adenomyosis. I'm trying to get pregnant with IVF and my consultant has already given me one course (4 months) of Zoladex. Side effects are not nice (hot flushes, sleeping problems), and my periods returned with a massive vengeance - very heavy, was admitted to hospital because of severe anaemia, lots of time off work... we didn't go ahead with the IVF straight away last time because I also have low thyroid function... (being sorted now). Apparently the best way is to dove-tail the IVF with coming off the Zoladex before periods return...

I really want the IVF to be a success (obviously), and he seems to think MORE Zoladex is the best way to shrink the adenomyosis before trying again. Has anyone had a similar experience, or had success with adenomyosis and pregnancy/IVF?

Thank you ladies!!!!


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I have stage 4 endo and adenomyosis, got pregnant through ivf 4 yrs.back. i still remember i was in pain and i have to say it was difficult in d beginning coz of d hormone theraphies they gave prior to harvesting the embryo. Not to mention the trans v. ultrasounds while im on period..anyway it was all worth it and in the long run i was able to conceive. I hope your journey will be less painful and wish you all success


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