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Zoladex before hysterectomy

Hi all! Does anyone know if you have to take a course of zoladex before having a hysterectomy? I have a gynae appt coming up and I'm trying to do some forward thinking. I have stage 4 endo with bowel involvement and possibly adenomyosis. My next appt is decision time about whether to have a hysterectomy although last time gynae mentioned he may want to do a coursse of zoladex first. Anyone know if this would be beneficial for the op? Or whether I can go ahead without it? And what the risks would be either way? Any thoughts appreciated, thanks x

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Hi there,

I'm replying because I'm in pretty much the same position as you. I have stage IV, adenomyosis, recto-vaginal, multiple cysts, "shredded" tubes, endo in bladder, POD etc... and after 5 surgeries and being off work for a year feel I have no choice but to go ahead with a full pelvic clearance.

I have been on Zolodex a few times and though I don't really like the side -effects; fuzzy head, memory loss and fluctuating mood, it does reduce the pain a little. My surgeon said that if you respond well to Zolodex, then the hysterectomy would be beneficial as it does surgically what the zolodex does chemically (that's my understanding). Lots of surgeons would rather us on zolodex pre-op as it reduces inflammation and helps them to see what they're doing! I have heard that some people live quite happily on zolodex, but reading this site, there doesn't seem to be too many. On the other side, I've also read that zolodex is risky as it turns off the pituitary gland and for some, it never comes back. I'm on it, because my surgeon asked me too and basically, I'm just holding out until the operation.

Lots of posts on this and other sites suggest that a hysterectomy only 'cures' adenomyosis, whereas others say that if your surgical teams are skilled enough, and they get every last microscopic bit of the endo then it will be cured. I suppose what I'm sharing here, is the questions and variety of opinions I've been looking at; I'm sorry I am probably confusing you even more! I think there's risks with both options, but for me I feel I've tried everything and so I am having the radical surgery. It may be worth you trying the zolodex as you could be one of the lucky ones.

I really hope your next appointment goes well. I always write a list of points/questions before I go in and try to get all the info I need, even when the surgeon appears rushed (nearly always!). I have also emailed questions to the surgeon's secretary, which has been useful.

Take care, M xxx


Hi, I'm also in a similar situation. I was put on Prostap to see if it worked, as it is supposedly a good indicator of how you would be post-hysterectomy. After my diagnostic lap, I was told my options were hysterectomy (but risky because of bowel involvemnt) or stay on Prostap, 12 months on, 12 off alternating until menopause. After 6 months of Prostap, I decided I didnt want to continue for possibly 10 years. It eased the pain, but I was worried about long term effects. I asked to be referred to an endo specialist, have had an MRI and am awaiting the results before any further decisions. If you have stage 4, like me, you are entitled to be referred to an endo specialist, if you arent already. If you havent had an MRI yet, ask for one, as it should show exactly what bits are involved and give an idea of how complex surgery will be. Its a big decision to make and you are doing the right thing by preparing yourself!


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