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Follow up endo stage 4 surgeri

Hi Ladies,

I have not been leaving marks around but I have read mostly of the posts. I was looking for opinions with regards to the surgery just noticing some things.

The firsts one is my belly button are, it does seem to be over sensitive and I have an uncomfortable sensation each time I shower and there is water in that area... Has anyone else experienced that?

Also I requested a scan because I have issues emptying my bladder I have a sensation like I cannot pee or not completely emptying it. The scan said it is okay but they also told me they've touched my ovary at the surgery, got a bit worried; usually after my zoladex treatment I get period straight away. This time it was beginning of February and so far nothing happened.

I can tell the treatment is wearing off because my morning sickness of each I suffer since I had my periods have returned slowly but surely and I have some cramps.

I am so confused, is not like I don't mind a bit longer the break of period but I am also worried if something else might have happened and if I go to my GO they will think I am crazy...


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