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Gynae appt again

Well today's the day I get to see the consultant again, I'm not optimistic at all as last time she gave me two options, have the mirena coil fitted or have a new ablation treatment (sorry not sure what it's called) in an outpatient appt where the only pain relief would be the painkillers I take before I have it done, the mirena coil didn't work out as it expelled itself after 2 and a half weeks and she has no chance of me having ablation (burning the womb lining away) in an outpatient appt, so I'm not sure how this appt is going to work, the appt could not have been on a better day to be honest as I'm in total agony with my period and I look about 9 months pregnant so she's going to see me at my worst, keep your fingers crossed for me that I get somewhere today and I don't have to wait months for a second opinion again.

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Wishing you luck xx

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Just wanted to say good luck today, what have you had done in the past? Xxx


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