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Periods have stopped and bowel problems

Hello all.

I was diagnosed with Endo last January and suffer terribly with pain (I have my own pharmacy).. I am not on any Meds for Endo since my womb was pierced with the coil and other issues with it I was relectant to have one reinserted so started a new pill called Qlaira (it contains a hormone that specifically treats Endo, really hard to get on nhs but fight for it) however I didn't get on to well with it so stopped taking it. Since sep 14 I noticed my periods slowing down, now I only have all the menstral pains , pms, tenderness, swollen tummy around my menstral cycle due date but no bleeding. Has anyone else experienced this? Im really worried about my fertility.

I do however bled really bad from my back passage during this time- consultant suspects Endo is in the lining of my bowl or entered my Bowles :( has anyone else had sUlar experience? I'm waiting for investigation into bowels date was moved from 25/2 to 25/3 causing me significant distress. from my research it suggests Endo in the bowels bleeds during "time of the month" like a period ...

The not knowing is causing me so much distress.

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Hi I've not had the sUlar experience so can't help there sorry, but I just wanted to let u know u not alone x I've had endo for years and am waiting for a lap again but my symptoms changed similar to u, my pain is crippling especially at menstruation but I bleed less an less with shorter cycles between, but more an more from back passage at that time too x I hope your treatment goes well the waiting is truely awful I know u feel like not another day! week! month! But I think just wanted u to not be alone in this that's why this place is so good to go on because it helps to know support out there I know it gives me strength x u are the first time I've ever written on here so have a strength hug good luck x

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Thank you for your kind words. They came at the right time. Giving me a little bit of hope and reminding me I'm not alone.

Love and hugs xxxx


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