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Side effects

Hi everyone

I was diagnosed with Endo, the gynea did not explain much. I'm left confused now and was advised to start vissane treatment. Now I'm on day 16 of the treatment. Today was the worse day at work. Been feeling nauseas since morning and very emotional I must say. When will this feeling stop. Can explain this endo thing to me. My gynea also said I have developed a 1.4 cm cyst in 2 weeks. Please advise if this is bad or what. Confused

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Hi there, sorry that you have been left confused, I've also been told I proably have endo, so I'm waiting for a laporoscopy to confirm, it's the only way to get a clear diagnosis, it's my understanding that in endometreosis women, the tissue that grows through out the month and thickening the lining of the uterus, is produced on the outside of the uterus mainly in the pelvic area, and then monthly when this bleeds we have a period, but the tissue outside also bleeds causing pain and inflammation, a really good site endometreosis uk will explain in in more detail, the drug you are on will hopefully suppress the growth and in turn help with your pain, what are your symptoms,? Mine are painful periods, pelvic pain throughout the month, back and leg pain, pain aftersex,



Thanks for replying T, I have heavy and painful periods every month and I usually feel pain after sex. Right now I'm on vissane treatment and the side effects are way to hectic.


Hi im feeling exactly the same, not had a lap yet just been told I have endo after they saw a large cyst on one of my ovaries.

The suggested treatments are usually hormonal such as taking the combined pill or pain killers as the hornones trick the body into thinking that its pregnant which stops the growth of the endo etc, I have Epilepsy which means that I cant try the hormone treatments or take the pill, so I dont know what my options are. Confused.

My symptoms are period pains all of the time even when I am not on my period, and very bad period pains the week before I start my period and lower back pain which is like a constant ache down below. And pain during intercourse.

And wierdly when I am on my period there is less pelvic pain does not hurt as much.

Foes this sound familiar to anyone please?


Have you looked the endometriosis uk website they have a wealth of imformation on there that's where I looked when I was first diagnosed

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I am looking and googling to gather as much information I can get.


Sorry last post was for favouritz


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