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Is there any support for Job seeker with bilateral endo

Hi ladies ,

I am writing again regarding problems at work as having endo.

I am currently looking for job but is hard find as I am currently having experience only as House Cleaner and waitress. I am student as well so I am working on my future, hopefully :-). Trying to be a positive but ...bills are making a pile :-( Families don't want a person whom is not well and calling on the day that can't cover my day at work.

So I was wondering is there any support that I can get while I am trying to find a job, and do I need any official letter form GP or the specialist doctor ? Thanks you for your help,

Krasi .

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I'm in the same situation. Wish i had an answer for you. let me know if you find out!


:-( sad is int ? I will come back here once I found out.


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