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Help please

I'm 23, been having awful symptoms since 2009. Went through all of the usual tests etc but this month I have finally been diagnosed with endo.

I am on oramorph daily because of the pain, but sometimes that isn't enough.

I am struggling to work but I need to pay my bills and rent etc. I'm worried and I'm scared of messing up my rent etc. Is there anything I can do?

I work with children so I can't be on morphine and work. I have tried dihydrocodeine, tramadol, amytriptaline etc but nothing works.

I'm run down and exhausted from constantly being in pain and being anaemic. I've been bleeding for 4 months straight now, I constantly get thrush from using tampons, I'm allergic to sanitary towels.

I'm so down and depressed. Please help

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Hi there, have you had anything done with the endo, did they take any away when they did the diagnostic lap, have you tried to find a sensitive towel, I don't think tampons are a good idea long term, is there no way you can lower your hours at work and then you could be intitled to housing Benefit top up, or other benefits. Good luck


The best option is to cut out periods altogether as periods make it worse. Try the injection contraceptive and don't believe all the stuff you hear about weight gain. Also try pregablin (lyrica) aswell with tranadol, I started this over 4 weeks ago and get some relief from pain. Hope this helps a bit.


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