Help please??

Hi everyone I have 3 kids 5 and almost 3 (twins) well since the twins I've had no period and uncomfortable pain twinges. But I had my gauldbladder out in November and now my scares have heald (after 4 infections) ive now started to get bad period pains in my womb and pelvis (still no period) I hurt when I go for a no2 and duing sex I'm 28 and been diagnosed with pollosistic ovaries when I was 17! I also have FM&CFS can someone help on how to get a diagnosis on endometriosis or something I know my body isn't right. Sorry if this feels like a rant but my cramps r getting worse and feel like I'm gonna end up in A&E. X

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  • I think you may have something called ashermans syndrome. It occurrs after childbirth or d&c. Periods stop and experience cyclical pain when periods due. You need a hysteroscopy to look in your cervix and womb x

  • Hi I'm so sorry I totally dont understand ur reply. I get overay pain tummy cramps people say it's just my FM. The paramedics said my gauldbladder was my FM turned out the next night I was 999 rushed in to be told I need to have it out 2days later I had my op... I felt up until my diagnosis I was going crazy but I've got that feeling all over again with people telling me it's probably because of my FM! Xx

  • Ps. Sorry for the late reply xx

  • Hello, I think you need to look up ashermans syndrome. The symptoms you describe fit this illness, especially since your periods never returned and you get pain. Hope you get sorted x

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