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Am I pregnant or is it just my Endo?

I am currently 16 days late for my period. I have took 2 hpt, one at 5 and one at 7 days late, both came back negative, the GP also sent a urine sample to the hospital at 11 days late and that came back negative as well. GP told me to come back if I miss my next period and she will do more tests then. Could I be pregnant or is it just my Endo messing my cycle up? I have never missed a period altogether and am never more than 3-4 days late. My period usually lasts around 7-8 days and is quite heavy so it feels strange that I haven't had any bleeding for this long. If anything I usually bleed more than normal.

I am taking a contraceptive pill to try help ease endo symptoms but I was sick for a few days over Christmas which was the first week after my period and think this could have had an impact. I had light spotting for a few days about 12 days after my last period ended (could this be implantation bleeding?). I am feeling very sick and more tired than usual. I have gone off certain foods and always seem to feel hungry, I have sore swollen breasts and have been constipated. When I was 7 days late I decided I wouldn't start the next pack of my contraceptive pill as I know this could cause problems if I am pregnant.

Although I have been on the pill we would be so happy if I was pregnant as the only reason I take the pill is to help with endo symptoms. I had a lap almost 2 years ago to remove endo and adhesions and move my left ovary back as it was twisted. Am I just getting my hopes up thinking I am pregnant ? could this just be due to endo?

Any help if anyone else has been in a similar position would be great. Should I take another hpt before I go back the doctors in 3 weeks?

I'm also worried that if I'm not pregnant then something bad is happening and I might have to have another operation.

Thank you

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Hi hun. Just wondering how u got on? I know my periods were all over the place before my lap this month. I like u had very heavily bleeding and then my cycles started messing up and I didn't have a period from 50 something days. I thought ( or rather hoped) I was pregnant. My doctor did tests and said he would expect it to show up by week two of being over due and I wasn't preggers and I wasnt x


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