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Need advice on Zoladex

I was diagnosed with stage 2 Endometriosis back in July and had surgery to burn off what they could see and put in a Merina Coil. By September the pain was back and I was suffering with some horrendous side effects from the coil (severe depression, weight changes, cramping still but no period and leg pain).

My consultant advised I try a 6 month course of Zoladex to see if it would help the cramps go away. I began my injections in October and have just had my fourth dose. My symptoms of depression and cramps have still been bad so I opted to have my coil removed as that may have been the culprit the whole time. Now that I am on Zoladex I still feel cramps and side effects of the injection: hot flushes, headaches.

My body seems to be very sensitive to HRT and not liking these injections, I've read up on Zoladex and saw that it can cause more bad than good and I now feel like not finishing the last 2 injections. Has anyone had a similar experience or any alternative ways of dealing with cramps?

I'm also slightly worried of pregnancy as my cramps seem to feel like ovulation pains and we had a slight accident with a condom the other night. I've seen mixed views on whether you can become pregnant on Zoladex and now worried that I could get pregnant. I feel a bit of a mess at the moment.

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Hi I can only comment on the zoladex really, it wasn't properly explained to me the massive changes my body would go through & the bad side effects it would cause so it really knocked me for six, I couldn't sleep at night due to the hot flushes & my moods were raging & I felt very unwell and also struggled in my job, it really is a horrible drug.

It was a hard time for me so I totally sympathise with you & hope you come out the other side soon and it's understandable you want to come off it, good luck with everything x


I had a course of 14 Zoladex injections starting in 2010 and didn't take HRT as the side effects seemed worse than the Zoladex. I'm currently going through a second round of Zoladex (3 injections in). I had the coil fitted early last year and it didn't agree with me at all, I only lasted 6 months.

I only get head aches and nausea on the Zoladex this time around. Last time I had everything on the list!

There is a slight possibility (it was explained to me it's like the sight chance of becoming pregnant while using oral or injected contraceptives, but I don't know how accurate that is...) of becoming pregnant on Zoladex and a high chance of birth defects. Get checked as soon as possible.

Hope you get sorted soon x


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