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Hi ladies since finding this site and using Instagram I really find the support and community so helpful. I've now created an Instagram account private from my personal account on Instagram. Im struggling to lose weight and I think keeping a picture diary will help me and it means I can be open and honest with people who won't judge. Just wondering if any of you have an endo/weightloss/ttc journey account on Instagram I could follow for inspiration? If you want to follow mine my username is aliwilldoit_x


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  • I don't on Instagram but I'm on my fitness pal. I'm also trying to loose weight as I'm hoping this will help my endo and if I need IVF eventually this will make me fighting fit! Feel free to add me on my fitness pal or in box on here because I would also benefit from support. A couple of my friends are on a wats app group which I'm part of which has helped lots. But they're all trying to loose post baby weight so convo often slips into baby talk, which at the mo is the last thing I wanna hear ha ha. X

  • I've just added u on Instagram too. My user name is Helensmithtomlinson

  • Just followed you on ig. It's my personal account and have also been thinking about starting a seperate one too. I'm desperately in need of losing weight! I just can't seem to stick to anything or be in the right frame of mind. xxx

  • Thank you xxx Try it hun I've bloked all my friends and family so it's totally all about me without them interfering and You know you don't have to pretend or worry about somebody judging you. I feel so much better already there is so much support and inspiration on there it's amazing :) I was thinking about it for weeks but I couldn't get into the frame of mind at all and then I just thought stuff it there's no choice I either carry on unhappy or just do it and see what happens I still don't feel ready or prepared for having to lose all this weight I'm just going to do it one day and picture at a time xxxxx

  • Hi Alix, ive followed you too im CHARLOTTEBOULTER. Im in the exact same boat as you except I weigh more. I have endo and had surgery Oct just gone. I want to lose weight and am struggling but need to do this ! I will follow ur journey xx

  • Thank you hun I've requested to follow you. We can all do it together

  • Hi Alix,

    Great idea , I have just followed you I'm Sophie_Channin. I'm in the same position as you I'm 22 with endometriosis and polycystic ovaries. I've been so down about it as I had a laparoscopy last year but it hasn't helped but now I think it would help to eat healthy and loose some weight .

    Like you me and my partner want to try fora baby when we are financially stable he has 2 children so we wouldn't qualify for IVF. I have tried to do this so many times but hopefully following someone who is in the same position will help.


  • Hiya hun

    Definitely I hope it does help you and I don't let anyone down... I've tried everything in the past herba life slimming world but it's the first time I've made an online Story so I'm hoping this will be the last time now. I think by September this year we will be ready to start ttc so it's literally now or never. That's so unfair you wouldn't be able to because he's already got children :( if I can do it you can to xxxx❤️

  • Yay! We have our own fat fighters club! Ha ha. Hopefully it'll help us to do it together. I had my lap yesterday and was told one ovary was stuck and the other tube isn't working. I think we'll end up with IVF so want to make sure my BMI isn't too high if and when the time comes x

  • Haha lol definitely.

    Aw god r u feeling ok? I was like a zombie after my lap. Xxxx I'm not sure what will happen when we try but I think if I can't lose weight for my future babies then what can I lose it for... Exactly every little pound could help :) xxx

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