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Hi everyone, I'm a bit fed up and confused. I went to my docs with pains in my groin. Was referred for scan where they found a cyst and fibroids. Was told not really big enough to remove but was stil in pain. Was then referred to gyno and told its probably endo and put on qlaira tablets for 3 months - periods stopped but pain still there. Then i was put on an injection every 3 months periods still stopped but still in pain. Put lots of weight on. Went back to consultant ( i say consultant but i have yet to meet her i always get seen by her under study who hasnt a clue what to say!!) after all this i told them i wanted to stop injections as doing no good. 5 months later - im going bak to bospital nxt wk for an appointment but i havnt got a clue what im going to say as they are only guessing its endo and said next step would be a hysterectomy!!

Got my first proper period yesterday and am in total agony. Dont know whether to just put up and shut up or let them carry on guessing. Any ideas anyone!!!! Xx

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Hi Ruby. The only way that endometriosis can be confirmed is by having a laparoscopy, i.e. keyhole surgery using a camera. A hysterectomy is quite a radical step so would think it would make more sense for them to do a lap first.

Did they say how big the ovarian cyst is? I've had 2 in the past, unfortunately on the same ovary approximately 4cm in diameter, and both times I experienced aching in my groin which spread down my left leg.

I'm not sure what the procedure is for fibroids, but surely some kind of investigative surgery is best first to assess the extent of your condition.

Hope this helps x


Push for a laparoscopy before having anything else. At least you will be sure what is causing the pain. You can then make an informed decision about your next treatment options.

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Thank you so much for ur replies. Yeah think ill ask for a laparoscopy so i wil know exactly what the problem is. Thanks again xx


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