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Hi everyone. So I saw the senior consultant today for a follow up, I had my first lap back in July last year. Had a couple of follow up appointments since then with my endo gradually getting worse. To only be told they removed hardly any endo in the op and I need to have one done which will be in the next 8-10 weeks. I have never been told this as far as I was concerned they removed the majority of it, was told today they removed hardly any, he doesn't get why he never operated as he specialises in endometriosis and always operates on his patients. He said there was a problem during the operation too and something slipped. I'm in shock can't believe it these past few months have been so hard, I'm constantly leaking and in so much pain with fatigue too and I feel like to go through the op again is so scary as I had to stay in for 4 days as I was unwell with an infection and had to have a catheter. Was really hoping not to be having another op so soon xxx

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Am so sorry to hear this. I am shocked that you could be given this kind of information so long after the event - it honestly makes me so furious. I also had a bad experience with my lap - bladder infection, catheter etc - so completely understand where you're coming from re having to have another op so soon. I have effectively discharged myself on the basis I don't want any more ops for the time being but am in increasing pain - though in my case have gone 9 years since last lap - am holding out until I have no choice (may be foolhardy)... can you ask for the next op to be recorded - I wasn't expecting it but when I saw my consultant post the op he actually showed me footage of the excision. I am not sure if that is normal though x


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