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I've read so many posts from people who are clearly suffering with endo around periods and the pain it causes. I am actually ok on menstruation my worse pain which can knock me sideways is ovulation and the build up to my period. It's weird really because when I actually start my pain eases off a while.

I was only diagnosed on 5/12/14 after emergency surgery for appendix which turned out to be an endometrial cyst. I was sent on my way and to sit and wait for a gynae appointment. In the meantime I had to go and see GP because I was still in a lot of pain, he didn't know anything about my admission and was shocked to see my scars. Anyway, he referred me for a scan as he could see I was in discomfort and he wanted to know what was going on. The scan found a cyst attached to right ovary and my bowel which links to the horrible pain I have on the right and in my bum. Now it's just a waiting game.

is everyone's pain different?

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I'm the same as you, I used to get pain the week before my period & would suffer with lower back pain and pain in my coccyx a lot. It has eased since I had my laparoscopy on 11/12/14, although I do get other twinges I never had before but its easier to deal with. I think it depends on what stage your Endo is at, if it's fused organs together ect as to what your pain might be? I still haven't been told what stage I'm at, or had my biopsy results. I hope you have more luck after your op. Try find out as much as you can from the surgeon after the op.


snap pain always gets worse mid cycle and Im relived when my period starts. Lower back awful. Had my right ovary and tube removed sept 13 and endo/adhesions on my bowel uterus removed and untangled. It helped for about a year but now its back. Make sure you keep asking lots of questions so you know whats going on. good luck.


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