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What questions should I ask my consultant?

Hello! I am quite new to this site and this is my first post.

Three months ago I was admitted to A&E with severe and sudden abdominal pain after passing urine. I was admitted to the Gynaecology ward and had a CT, ultrasound and MRI. They all detected that I had a relatively large cyst on my right ovary (6cm) and the pain was probably caused by a torsion or the cyst bleeding in on itself. I stayed in hospital for 4 days and was on morphine - they discharged me once they were happy with my bloods - although they said my inflammatory markers were still up.

I then had a follow up appointment with a consultant who said the cyst would most probably go away on its own and asked me to come back for a scan 4 weeks later. During that time I suffered from an excruciating period (pain when passing stools was the worse) and I have never really experienced pain like it.

I returned for my scan feeling positive about what the consultant had said - only to find the the cyst was still there - unchanged.

I then had another follow up where I asked my consultant about the possibility of endo (I had done a lot of googling and thought that my symptoms added up) but the consultant said he didn't think I had endo as I don't usually suffer from really heavy periods etc. He then gave me two options - the watch and wait or to have a laparoscopy to remove the cyst and to investigate if there was anything else going on down there.

I decided to have the laparoscopy which I had on the 2nd December.

The op lasted around 3 hours during which they removed the cyst (I think it was a chocolate cyst) and also discovered endometreosis - although the consultant was reluctant to tell me what stage I have, he just said it was 'significant'.

They managed to remove the endo and said they were happy with the results. They said my ovaries were fused but that they had freed them and that my tubes were clear. And that is all I know. I was in hospital for for 3 days as I had a tube in my belly to drain blood etc.

My doctor advised that I go on the pill for 3 moths to help my body recover, and after these three months I have decided that I want to TTC as I am now 28 and have been with my partner for 12 years (I know!we met young :) - so I am in a healthy strong relationship and feel in a good place to try for a child.

My worry is - actually it terrifies me that I may be infertile or have difficulty in getting or staying pregnant. Its all that consumes my mind - every day and I cant stop worrying about it.

I have a follow up appointment with my consultant tomorrow (the first since my lap) and I just want some advice on what I should be asking. My consultant although very good seems to lacks a compassion and is very brusque in answering questions. I just want to make sure that I get all I can out of my appointment and that I have all the info I need to be able to deal with my diagnosis and have a better understanding of what the future may hold.

Any advise would be really appreciated.

Thank you so much for your time x x x

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Sure will come along and give a better answer but I would ask what stage from 1-4 (4 being the most severe) I would also ask about fertility and would you be offered assistance if u failed to conceive. Good luck with your appointment. I'm going to gynae tomorrow to see if I can persuade them to do my lap.


Thanks for your reply. I am really nervous about the appointment but trying to keep positive. Good luck with yours! x


1. Take someone with you if you can.

2.write a list of questions down and take it with you.

3.get an idea of what you want out of the appointment before you go.

4.if you come out of the appointment and it didn't help,get a second opinion or go pester your gp.

5. Ask what the initial plan is and then what options you may have if 1st option doesn't work. I think it helps knowing that if 1st thing doesn't work they aren't just hoping you will go away.

I would probably ask what are the treatment options. If you are going no hormones then I would ask about pain relief.Life feels so much better when your pain is being managed.

My friend was rushed to a&e with a cyst and found out she had endo. She was told she would never be able to have kids. Within a few months of trying she got pregnant. She's due a little baby girl in 4 weeks time.! Doctors really don't know everything.

And lastly I would say don't give up!



Thank you :) that's really helpful! I just feel so lost at the moment and feel its quite a bit to take this all in. Just 3 months ago everything was fine - as far as I knew so its all happened quite quickly. I have been lucky and haven't really suffered from too much pain so I am hoping it stays that way. x


Hi flyo87, just joined and reading your post which I found v helpful. I have almost the exact same story as you but just three ish months later. I too was admitted to hospital with severe sudden pains. They found a 5cm cyst on left ovary - suspected dermoid cyst but sent me home for "mindful monitoring". Fast forward two months and several trips to gynae triage and being in constant pain to last week when the cyst ruptured and I had an emergency op where they discovered it was a choc cyst and severe endo which was removed. V similar to you! I'm 35 and trying to have a baby for over a year. They said at hospital that I may have infertility due to endo but I have to start trying to conceive as soon as possible whilst also being referred to fertility clinic which could take months. As you will remember I was a bit out of it following the op and didn't ask questions. Its only been a few days since the op and I'm now recovery at home but now with time to think and research. I hope your follow up went ok and just wondered if you could offer any tips.

Thanks again for your post as like you this has all come from nowhere for me! I didn't have particularly bad periods or maybe just high pain threshold!? It was comforting to read of a story so similar to mine. Hope you are fully on mend now



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