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Endo question

Hi all, I had total hysterectomy at 29, now 43, due to endo, wasn't told anything about it returning or menopause. 2012 after suffering chronic pain for near on 4 years and not being allowed to talk about it (abusive ex) I had my right ovary removed with a cyst size of satsuma on it on endo scrape.

Consultant said to go back if I had any more problems, over the last year I have been getting the tell tale signs of endo pain again, saw consultant, his answer was your constipated, I have never been one for going more than two or three times a week since I can remember. Told my gp this, in meantime have moved from England to new home in n. Ireland tried to explain to new gp, finally got through to her and being referred for emergency appointment which will be 4 to 6 months. This morning woke up just about sick brought up blood, have bad back ache, shortness of breathe dizziness, getting really down with this pain, other half thinks on putting it on. Feel useless, takes two weeks to get an appointment with gp. What would you do or advise.?

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I would go to A&E if u are bringing up blood and are breathless. Best to safe then sorry or emergency GP visit. If u mention those symptoms they should fit u in. Best wishes

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I am not sure what the guidelines are in Ireland but in Canada if you are bringing up blood and have "shortness of breathe dizziness, getting really down with this pain" they would see you immediately at the Hospital Emergency. Good luck I hope you find help very soon.


You might have an infection, similar to what I had in 2010, then they told me I had peritonitis! Had I not been admitted as an emergency I wouldn't of lasted through the weekend...


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