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I have had nausa for 2 weeks. Does anyone know what would cause this?

I was taken into hospital 2weeks ago due to pain in my left side and vomiting. I was told I had a burst cyst in my ovary and that I was ok to go home. However, since coming home I haven't felt well at all. I normally love food and have a very good appetite. But as past couple of weeks this has been non existent!

Last week my heart rate reached 148bpm on night. I felt so ill and scared at the same time. I've been barely fit to eat and I feel terrible. I'm really worried as I fly out on sat for 2 and a half weeks on holidays. I really don't want up feel like this.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? I also have endomitriosis.

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You should definatley go back to your doctor and get yourself checked especially if your going away you don't want to feel I'll on holiday! Is your tummy swollen? I hope you feel better soon an it passes before you go away x x


I'd go back the hospital if u don't feel right x


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