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Goserelin long-term impact?

I was treated with Zolodex in 1990, before it was licensed for use for Endometriosis.

I have never found anyone else treated with this before it was realised that we needed add-back oestrogen with it.

I had extreme arthlalgia, joint pain, during the treatment (ignored by my consultant as it was not listed as a side-effect then), but I also have ongoing arthlalgia since.

Has anyone else had this?

And does anyone know of research done on this?

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hi, I'm sorry to hear that happened to you.

I'm not sure about Zoladex but with Lupron which is another GnRH so has exactly the same affect on the body, it has caused long term problems in many women. I know there are several websites about the victims of it, and others with lawsuits against them here is one:


If you do some googling! there must be some more info out there too - I think? :-) x

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