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Pelvic floor exercise

Hi all, previously I wrote about pian in my right leg, right bum and right side of my lower abdomen which was so intense and begins just after my menstruation and continued. I was operated for endometriosis on last May. I went for follow up to the doctor and he said my pain is due to pelvic muscles spasm.He just advice me to take pain killers and to do pelvic floor exercise. Does anybody practice this? Does physiotherapist offer this exercise?

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You need to request a referral to see a women's health physiotherapist. You may also need trigger point work on the pelvic floor as it's likely to have some spasm or tightness that is causing you the pain. Ordinary physios do not have this specialist training to assess and treat the pelvic floor in this way.


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Thanks a lot..was on holiday..just see ur advice@Miwa


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