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I have joined th endo club:-(

I've been reading the posts here for a bit whilst waiting to see gynae. Scan showed endometriomas in October which was a follow up scan after a cyst was detected in August. The question was raised that it may be a haemorrhagic cyst so I have pinned my hopes on that. Today I am told she is sure I have endo and that she thinks it's not localised to my ovaries. Thankfully you ladies had helped me know my options so when asked whether I wanted surgical or medical treatment I said both. I'm having a laparoscopy with laser treatment to the areas she finds, removal of my cyst & possibly ovary with hysteroscopy as she doesn't like look of the lining of my womb with Mirena inserted at the end. I thought I was ok but now I want to cry as I was hoping for better news and because I have other health problems so don't need anymore.

I have some other points but will do a seperate post for those.

Hello & thanks

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So sorry to hear this :-( it is hard to receive bad news. I hope the laparoscopy helps a lot and that you feel much better soon. Is there a support group near you? Sometimes it can make a big difference to talk face to face with women going through similar things. Take care and good luck for your lap. Do you know when it will be?


Hi there I hope all goes well. The main thing is that you have a treatment plan in place and you know what you are dealing with. Take care and try not to worry there is a lot of info available and its bedt that they are sorting u out and hopefully you will get pain relief.


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