Ending of forced menopause

Can anyone help me, I am still waiting to come out of a forced menopause from injections, I am taking NAC and Saw Palmetto and D Chiros as recommended (herbal supplements) but it's been nearly three months since my last injection and I'm starting to get concerned . I came off my HRT but had not flushes, mood swing and low mood plus vaginal atrophy (hurts !) any advise recommendations out there

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  • go talk tot he experts

  • I have done this and seen my specialist and had my bloods checked I maybe just one of the unfortunate ones who is stuck in menopause

  • Are you concerned that you havent started your periods again? If so - don't be! Make the most of the freedom it gives you. I had my last 3-monthly injection in July and like you, stopped the HRT, still have hot flushes, zero libido, often feel down, have been getting my old endo pains, but thankfully no period yet to make me thoroughly miserable! I wouldnt worry - it takes time for the drug to completely leave your body.

  • Thanks for this, I have put my HRt patches back on as I can't bear the hot flushes and low mood and zero motivation. I will continue to use them and keep hounding my doctor s for more blood test x

    Thanks for your reply though

  • you may just need more time for your body to go back to normal

  • My zoladex information sheet from my doctor says it can take up to five months for it to be completely out your system and for periods to begin again, so i'd say give it at least 8 more weeks then maybe question it xxxx

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