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Here we go again!

After a few months being pain free, and starting a fantastic new job in September, I am now off work again with pain and exhaustion. I am terrified of losing job as this happened earlier in the year after I was in hospital and ended up off sick for weeks. I absolutely love my job and even went back in a couple of days ago even though I felt awful, ended up coming home early yesterday as I had no energy whatsoever. I was in bed early and had no energy to spend time with my kids. I am really getting down again. I am waiting for a hysterectomy which should be soon. I was in so much pain last week I wanted to go to A&E but didn't because i was worried that my gynae would refuse to do op. I am currently on Prostap and Livial and he is adamant that they should stop the pain. To be honest the pain was better up until a couple of weeks ago. Feeling so frustrated. Sorry just wanted to rant to people who would understand

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I really feel for you. It's so awful seeing life go by and not being able to participate because of the stupid endo. I'm in the same position - I've been off work since last Jan and have had 5 previous endo surgeries. I have missed so many promotions and it's really hard. I am also infertile - the pain of which goes without saying. I used to force myself into work, and like you, ended up having to leave early and it's actually a bit embarrassing too, because without telling the world about personal health matters, people can't understand. I am waiting for a hysterectomy too (and bowel resection) and have been since June and have been told it won't be for another 6 months! You are right to feel the need top have a 'rant' and be depressed. Reading this site, there seems to be so many of us silently suffering away. I don't know if you find that having no energy effects everything. I used to eat fairly healthily, but now I feel so ill all the time, I haven't got the energy to shop and cook - which I assume is making the situation worse!

I really really hope you get some relief over the weekend and next week. We understand and wish you the very best. xxxxxxxxxxx

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I feel your pain try and stay positive xxxxxx


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