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Suspected endometriosis

I've been having symptoms of endometriosis for a while now, previously I've been diagnosed with ibs. Both my mum and nan had to have emergency hysterectomys due to endometriosis. I went to the doctors today and tole him my worries but he has just prescribed me rigevidon. He hasnt referred me or given me much of an explanation, it's really worrying me as having children has always been important to me.

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You have to keep chasing it up, I have been waiting 7 months for a laparoscopy now and have been going to and from different doctors and hospitals for the previous year.



Please push this, I battled with my doctor for 2yrs when she said it was IBS,I knew it wasn't it was always hormonal not food based in the end they listened as the pain got worse & tried unsuccessfully for baby for 3yrs. I was relatively lucky once they listened (2mth between gyno ref n laparoscopy) which diagnosed extensive endo. I wish you luck. Don't give up x


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